Communication impacts all of us in this world in very powerful ways, each and every day. We communicate in our personal lives. We communicate in our business lives. We communicate when we have to resolve issues or disputes. We communicate with ourselves through “self-talk” every time we have a thought. We communicate with our eyes, facial expressions, body expressions, postures, gestures, and mannerisms. Even the tones of our voices, the distances we keep, and the ways we touch others constitute communication.

When we think of “attractive” things that we would like to have, we usually think in terms of attractive bodies, faces, homes, offices, cars, paintings, jewelry, furniture, computers, electronics, clothes, etc. However, Michael Rooni, in the book Attractive Communication invites each and every person in this world to also consider having the most attractive communication possible. Attractive communications attract great personal relationships. Attractive communications attract rewarding business relationships. Attractive communications attract friendly and cooperative resolutions of disputes. Attractive “self-talk” communications attract inner peace, resilience, confidence, enthusiasm, and happiness. The effects of attractive communication are powerful, meaningful, and lasting. It is Michael Rooni’s belief that one of the fastest and most powerful ways to elevate the attractiveness of our lives is to elevate the attractiveness of our communications. He wrote this book in order to help make that happen.

Attractive Communication has 62 chapters. Each of these 62 chapters Includes not only one element of Attractive Communication but also an Action Plan to implement it. Each Action Plan sets forth practical ways you can elevate the attractiveness of your communication. Michael Rooni invites readers to regard this book as an attractive communication toolbox with 300 ways or tools you can use right away. Of the 300 ways or tools, 100 relate to Interpersonal Communication or communication between people; 12 relate to Non-Verbal Communication or communication without words; 32 relate to Communication Timing and Surroundings; 32 relate to Listening; 87 relate to Persuasion and Dispute Resolution; and last but not least, 37 relate to Intrapersonal Communication or “self-talk.”

Michael Rooni invites readers to think about how they can apply the concepts of Attractive Communication to their own communications and life circumstances. Join him in this life-changing journey toward attaining the most attractive, effective, and savvy communication.

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